Applying Nursing Theory to a Practice Problem

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Applying Theory to a Practice Problem October 3, 2012 Introduction Our first class in the masters in nursing program, has been focused on nursing theorists. We have learned about Grand Theories, which are theories that are very broad and difficult to test and Middle Range Theories, which are also broad theories but narrow enough to be testable. We have learned how to study the different theories, looking at how we can utilize theories to evaluate practice. I have been in a nursing leadership role for many years. Approximately 8 years ago, I lead a group of nurses to develop a shared governance nursing model in our organization. Shared governance is having staff involved with making decisions related to unit…show more content…
4) Resolution phase (Evaluation) – problem resolved, relationship is terminated. This theory was applied to a client that had a diagnosis of intervertebral disc prolapse. The client was in severe pain. 1) Orientation phase; the client was initially reluctant to talk due to her pain. 2) Identification phase; the client expresses the need to get relief from pain. The nurse educates the client on the pain scale to measure pain. 3) Exploitation phase; client informs nurse that there is relief from pain when she is in the supine position. 4) Resolution phase – client’s pain was reduced and tolerable. To apply this theory to managing in a shared governance organization, I will define the nurse as the manager, and the client as the unit staff. The organization has asked all managers to improve their patient satisfaction scores in the next fiscal year. The manager will use the unit council (shared governance structure) to assist with this goal. 1) Orientation phase – the manager shares the organization goal of improving patient satisfaction scores and shares current patient satisfaction scores and patient comments with the unit council. The unit staff asks questions, share past experiences, and seek resources to assist with gathering data. The manager and unit staff discuss bias and limitations of the unit council. Roles of the unit council and the manager are defined. 2) Identification phase – the manager and unit
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