Applying Service Delivery Models Essay

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U01d1 - Applying Service Delivery Models – Pat Finch * Select two contemporary problems of interest to you.
Two contemporary social problems of interest are transitional housing needs for homeless mothers and domestic violence in the African American community. Fischer (2000) wrote homeless families face the economic and personal challenges of sparse employment opportunities, child care and nutrition needs, compounded by the loss of adequate housing. Those with the greatest risk of being unemployed and of becoming long term welfare dependent are teen mothers (Fischer, 2000). In addition, depression and the loss of self-confidence are direct results of being homeless. Homelessness destroys self-esteem and promotes hopelessness.
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The human service model best describes this approach commonly used by transitional housing programs.
Partner abuse treatment programs were created to educate and provide prevention and intervention information for men and women who batter. In addition, they provide a comprehensive approach to the physical and mental health needs of those who abuse (Conklin, 2004). Statistics show that African Americans have a lower domestic enrollment and completion rate in these types of programs than their White counterparts. This is because most treatment programs are not culturally specific. The approach followed by most domestic violence treatment centers can best be described by the public health model.

* Explain your choices and elaborate on how the models can best be applied to the selected problems.
Transitional housing was selected as a social problem because of the disturbing number of homeless mothers professionally encountered under the age of 25, and the need for housing related interventions. The human service model can best be applied through the fundamental concepts of the Ecological Perspective which explores the nature of the relationship between the individual, the human behavior professional and the environment, with a direct focus on human relatedness, competence, self-direction, and self-esteem (Lesser & Pope, 2007).
The selection of domestic violence was based on the lack of
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