Applying Standardized Codes Of Practice

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Applying Standardized Terminologies in Practice
Many patients admitted to the stroke and orthopedic rehabilitation unit have impaired physical mobility. The length of time in rehabilitation is ten to fourteen days. Many times nurses, patients and family members form bonds that last long after the discharge. I recently had the opportunity to take care of a patient I will never forget. Mrs. C was admitted to the rehabilitation unit following recent hip surgery. She is eighty years old and had fallen raking leaves in her front yard. Mrs. C has a history of hypertension, arthritis and gout. Medications include aspirin, metoprolol and allopurinol as needed. Prior to admission Mrs. C lived independently and has two children who checked on her routinely. No cognitive or mental deficits are noted. Key parts of this paper include the introduction, NANDA, NIC and NOC elements, data, information, knowledge and wisdom and the conclusion.
NANDA, NIC and NOC elements
The North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) is a body of professionals that manages an official list of nursing diagnoses. NANDA nursing diagnosis represents clinical judgements about actual or potential health problems a patient may have. The NANDA nursing diagnosis that Mrs. C would have is impaired physical mobility related to hip surgery as evidence by pain and discomfort. Mrs. C will participate in therapy three hours a day, six days a week. This will gradually improve her strength and mobility. Mrs. C…
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