Applying The Four Organizational Frames And How They Could Be Relevant During The Negotiation Process

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The ability to gauge one’s situation and create strategies for progress and change is a leadership skill that superintendents will use their school district as they tackle difficult issues. In their book Artistry, Choice, and Leadership – Reframing Organizations, Bolman and Deal (2003) claim that the purpose of applying the four organizational frames to work within the system is for “gaining clarity, generating new options, and finding strategies that work”. School districts are complex because they are made up of people and people are complex. The ability to see situations from many angles and perspectives will allow for options when creating solutions, it will also provide insight when attempting to move people in your school…show more content…
Who will do the speaking? When may other members of the team speak? What “negotiating norms” will both teams agree too? This frame had not been adequately applied to our setting and the lack of having agreed upon norms has caused for some poor behavior and team members not being clear on their roles within the team has made some members feel uncomfortable. At this point in our negotiations, it would actually cause more damage for me to attempt to add some structure to the table, as I would appear as trying to “take control”. However, before we begin a new contract, the structure of the meetings will be set, together and agreed upon. “Formal structure enhances morale if it helps us get our work done.” (APA citation goes here). In the realm of bargaining, formal structures has the potential of protecting relationships. The second organizational frame that could be applied to my negotiation scenario would be The Human Resource. The metaphor for this frame is “family” and it is the one that I could settle into easily and lead from on any given day. A school system needs people, all types of people with all sorts of skill sets. And, the people who work within the system need to find meaningful work that satisfies them mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. One who leads from this frame will enable people to do quality work while feeling good about what they are doing and will never forget that “Our most important resource is our people.”

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