Applying The Woman Question : The Case Of An African Nigerian Woman

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APPLYING “THE WOMAN QUESTION” TO ENVIRONMENTAL LAWS: THE CASE OF AN AFRICAN NIGERIAN WOMAN (Short Presentation and Summary) ¬¬¬¬BY: UCHENNA IJOMA This brief paper examines my application of the feminist research methodology to my future research. My research topic is centred on what role law has to play to balance the interest between the environmental hazards affecting the Climate and satisfying the basic energy need of poor women living in the rural area of Nigeria who depends solely on the crudest form of Biomass “Firewood, charcoal, animal dung and agricultural by-products” for the purposes of domestic and commercial cooking activities and, which continuous use amounts to deforestation, desertification.” In this context, SD means improving the quality of life of human beings (includes women) and the community in which they live in for as long as the world exist. In view of these definitions, the aims of this paper are to: reveal how best the feminist approach can be applied to my above research, consider the pros and cons of applying the said methodology to my proposed area of research and its possibility of affecting my originally intended methodology. The feminist theory began out of a general movement to empower all women. In 1960, the modern contemporary feminist movement began. According to Steven Vago and Addie Nelson in their book Law and Society” they considered the three “themes” although not “mutually exclusive” this themes may be reflected in

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