Applying The World Is Flat to Canada

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Title: The World is Flat – Canada and the Flat World There are many challenges and opportunities that the Flat World has provided and allowed for in the world we live today. Canada needs to be prepared for this Flat World. The following hopefully explores just that. 1. How has/does a flat world impact world trade and Canada. The flat world, with the advent of advancements and exposure to technology, infrastructure, culture, cost, education, political change and ideology has changed both World Trade and Canada has a whole. The flat world has changed a traditional top-down (vertical) type command and control to a horizontal one (collaborate and connect), in our global economy. This in turn impacts the World and Canada.…show more content…
The approach described in the book is excellent one, to establish and emphasize in education. It focuses on four strategies. 1) The ability to ‘learn how to learn’ be inspired and love doing it. 2) Be passionate and curious. Having strong combination of curiosity quotient and passionate quotient would foster motivation, innovation and creativity, and thus self education in turn developing the individual’s intelligence quotient. 3) Development of strong interpersonal/interactive skills. This shall allow for strong interactions with other people within the collaborative world. 4) Development of the right-hemisphere of the brain, which addresses relationship skills, and creativity, and ‘seeing the big picture’. An area that I would also emphasize in education that is not really focused on is financial education. Being able to understand and interpret how the economic and financial aspects of the global marketplace work would be a very strong asset to students. This includes understanding financial reporting, investment strategies, and application of financial well being (i.e. minimization of debt, asset acquisition and allocation, etc.). In terms of de-emphasizing teaching activities I would address some minimization of low-skill type elective courses which may potentially detrimental for student growth and development. 5. What are the specific challenges for Managers to be better equipped to work in a flat world?

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