Essay on Applying Theories to Children’s Literature

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Applying Theories to Children’s Literature
By reading books that was written a long time ago and reading the books that are written today, you can see that there are a difference in the theoretical models of childhood development that can be found in children’s literature. Children’s books and the literature have been used to help the children to classify how the world is. So many “thinkers” or “dreamers” thought that children’s development happens in different stages and that with each of the stages; it shows a different challenge for each individual child. When it comes to children’s literature, like “Harold and the Purple Crayon”, if successfully used, the literature can be used for parents to use to help the children to classify with
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This theory explains how the reader understands the literature that they are reading and how they view the materials. A philosopher that studies in this area speculates that children’s literature is not the main subject to be studied when it comes to children and their literature. When you take a look at the book, “Harold and the Purple Crayon”, this book shows the reader and the children how to use their imagination when reading it by seeing how Harold us using his imaginations when it comes to the things he can do with his purple crayon. Harold wants to go on a walk in the moonlight but there is no moonlight for him to walk through so he takes his purple crayon and draws one to see by with, then he notices that he does not have a path so he draws one of those with his purple crayon. Just these few explanations of the book can help a child use their imagination and helps then to picture Harold doing these things.
When asked what all does this mean? Well basically it comes down to is, us as adults and us being teachers to the children, we should be building on our children’s ability to speak and also how children gets that curiosity when it comes to sounds, senses and even language. The only way we as adults and their teachers can help them with this is by talking using adult words and not using baby talk to them.
Harold and the Purple Crayon would follow under the stage of the Preoperational Period according to Piaget. The