Applying Training Concepts

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Applying Training Concepts Introduction The workers in the organization act as a link between the management and the customers. The workers provide services to the customers and undertake most of the activities in the organization. The working staff is thus a crucial asset that determines the organizations ability to excel or fail. Many companies invest heavily in workers to ensure that they have the best staff in the market. Employing a recruitment program that attracts professionals ensures a competitive workforce. An organization can employ fresh graduates and train them to grow in the organization or get seasoned professionals from other competing organizations. Training needs assessment Training needs assessment refers to the process of identifying the performance requirement of a worker. Training needs management evaluates the leaning and development needs of the workers in the organization. An organization that implements training needs assessment effectively manages its resources by directing them to productive departments. The main aim of training needs management is to improve productivity, improve quality of the products and improve resource management in the organization. Training needs management works by identifying the current performance levels and comparing it to the target performance expected of the organization. Management should formulate policies to fill the gap in performance identified during the training needs analysis (Barbazette, 2006).
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