Applying an Ethical Theory

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Applying an Ethical Theory Amanda Thorn PHI 208 Prof. Emilia Sorensen November 17, 2014 The long debated question of the importance of men and women and their roles has raged on for years. Should men and women be treated equally, that truly is the question that seems to have more answers than resolution. Applying the question to Deontology and the work of Immanuel Kant, the answer would be all people regardless of gender should be treated equally. However, these theories do not take into account the actions of the male or female in question. The question still remains, should men and women be treated equally or should it be based on the situation, all accounts will be taken into further consideration. Deontology…show more content…
The battle of the sexes continues to rage on, and the question of what is right and what is wrong is never a clear cut answer. References Kant, I. (2008). Groundwork for the metaphysic of morals. In J. Bennett (Ed. & Trans.), Early Modern Philosophy. Retrieved from (Original work published in 1785). Louden, R. B. (1996). Torward a genealogy of 'deontology'. Journal of the History of Philosophy, 34(4), 571-592. Retrieved from Mosser, K. (2013). Understanding philosophy. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education,
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