Applying for a Master in Mechanical Engineering

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Statement of Purpose Name : Undergraduate Major : Mechanical Engineering Degree Seeking : Master of Science Graduate Major : Computer Science At times when I sit back and go down the memory lane, mixed thoughts flash past my mind. Those were the years when Engineering Degree seemed to be a dream and life passes on as usual. Now that dream has turned into a reality. I find myself at the threshold of a new life, at a point, which can make or break my future and in quest to actually make this future. I sit here penning out this application which contemplates my academic background and my goals. I grew up in a very competitive environment right through my childhood. I was one among the selected few to gain an admission in one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Hyderabad – “St. Paul’s High School”, which is well known for its quality education and discipline. This excellent Schooling, which I received during the formative years of my life, spurred me to excel at academics and other extra-curricular activities like debating, quiz, etc. Right from my High School days I have been fascinated by the constant innovations in the Engineering filed, which had influence on day-to-day life. In pursuit of a career in Engineering. I appeared for a state wide common entrance test for Engineering (EAMCET), in which I stood among the top 10% out of 145,000 students. This paved the way for my admission into Mechanical Undergraduate program at Vidya Jyothi
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