Applying the Nursing Code of Ethics to Patient Care Essay example

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Nurses have the greatest potential for improving a patient’s well-being. As a profession, nurses need to promote the core values and code of Ethics amongst them. Nurse practitioners are required to understand and practice the specific knowledge and skills of core values such as nurse caring, advocacy, holism and professionalism to assist the patients in their critical condition (Volp 2007a). This essay will discuss the core values of responsible nursing practice and code of ethics in relation to the young patient who is suffering from paraplegia.

A policy or practice of treating people patients in a fatherly manner, especially by providing for their needs without giving them responsibilities. Paternalistic practices,
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For instance, a young adult patient diagnosed with paraplegia, they have need to a good rehabilitation program then they can live independently as soon as possible. So, doctors and nurses provide proper care to patient by changing their position, pads, giving them proper diet and medication on time. But these are depending on the doctors and nurses. Young adult patient only follow these rules because patient suffered from paraplegia and adult patient cannot do anything without doctors advice. So, doctors and other staff members need to give proper care to the patient, then patient can come back their better condition and do something independently because the patient really want to be independent as soon as he can. In addition, paternalistic health care professionals or other staff members believing that some patients are not able to make own decision because of illness or lack of knowledge, make decisions for patients with the perception that they are guarding the well-being of patients. At the last step we can say that (paternalism)doctors and nurses making their own decision for the care of the paraplegic patient in this case but it is really beneficial for that adult patient.
Core values and Code of Ethics
In nursing core values and code of ethics. What we will first discuss is what are the core values and code of ethics and the second discussion about how can we apply

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