Appointment Scheduling Framework And Effective Utilization Of Operation Research Techniques

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Appointment scheduling frameworks are used in health care enterprises across the globe to schedule appointments and provide administration to patients. There are many factors that affects the adequacy of appointment scheduling framework and the bottleneck lies in effective utilization of operation research techniques. The most common type of appointment scheduling frameworks, their difficulties and the possible conceivable arrangements with the aid of operation research techniques are abridged in this paper. In the current fast paced world there is a huge demand for health care services administrators and also there is tremendous weight on them to enhance the productivity to match up the demand. Effective appointment organizing system is the determination of patient’s satisfaction and timely access to health services. The measure of efficiency depends upon many factors like investment on equipment, resources allocation and number of trained staff. The principal type of patient appointment encounters are primary care, specialty care, elective surgeries and these are again subdivided into scheduled and unscheduled visits. Each of these environments has certain unique features which makes making appointments troublesome and also diminishes efficiency and has two major access delays Indirect and Direct.
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