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Journal of Managerial Psychology 11,6 50 Self performance appraisal vs direct-manager appraisal: A case of congruence Yehuda Baruch University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK and Visiting Research Fellow at the London Business School, London, UK The process of performance appraisal (PA) is of most importance in human resource management (HRM). In a broad sense, PA systems are used for two main purposes: as a source for information for management; and as a feedback instrument for individuals employed by the organization. In the first case, the applications of the use of PA serve a variety of management functions. These could be decision-making about promotions, training needs, salaries, etc. Payrelated PA is a growing facility…show more content…
One exception[21] found high correlations between some aspects of work-related performance including SPA. It was, however, a unique sample – faculty members in a university, and the conditions were too ideal: both the faculty members and their chairperson were involved in the procedure. The question which prompts the present study is which characteristics are likely to lead to higher correlations between self and other forms of PA in industrial and business settings. In most cases, results of studies which were directed towards finding a connection between SPA and other sources have not been highly or overwhelmingly positive, i.e. scholars found only low correlations between SPA and supervisor appraisal. Some examples were presented by Harris and Schaubroeck[22] and by Thornton[23]. These studies indicated that there were quite moderate correlations between SPA and other sources of appraisal, mainly direct manager PA (DMPA). The correlation coefficient (r) of 0.2-0.3 was found as a typical case[8]; 0.35 (0.27 for managerial level and 0.42 for blue-collar employees) in Harris and Schaubroeck[22] metaanalysis and 0.29 in Mabe and West[24] meta-analysis. Such results might hinder management from applying and using the SPA system. However, Tsui and Ohlott[9] suggest that low interrater agreement has led to recommendations to use a multiple assessment procedure for providing a more comprehensive PA (see also[25]).

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