Appreciation Of A Novel By Barbara Kruger

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Appreciation of art is like the appreciation of a novel. One may read a title of a novel and be amazed and curios but will never appreciate it fully if the novel is not read from cover to cover. For any piece of art, one needs to learn about the artist, the story behind the piece and the purpose of the piece. In addition to learning about the work, as a woman, I find myself leaning more towards the appreciation of the work of women artists who use their talent and skills to express themselves and/or the causes they stand for. For this assignment I chose the work pieces of Believe +doubts =sanity by Barbara Kruger, By the light 2013 by Shinique smith and untitled 2002 by ellen Gallagher. Belief + Doubt” is an exhibition of more than 60 selected works from a promised gift of 100 donated by collectors David Horvitz and Francie Bishop Good to the NSU Art Museum. with Kruger’s untitled (Belief + Doubt = Sanity) being the inspiration for the exhibition. The exhibition highlights artists that are included in or were inspired by the Pictures Generation. Divided into themes and sub-themes highlighting painting, video, mixed media, sculpture and a particularly strong section of works by women addressing race, identity, sexuality and generation the exhibition title “Belief + Doubt” lends itself to a multitude of interpretations. The couple are famously known as leading collectors and advocates of art. Francie Bishop Good’s artwork has been exhibited throughout the United States,

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