Appreciation and Value for Life in Richard Wilbur's Poem A Late Aubade

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Richard Wilbur expresses his appreciation and value of life throughout the poem, “A Late Aubade”. This poem is influenced and based off of Wilbur’s strong relationship with his devoted wife. It emphasizes throughout detailed imagery how one must enjoy the moments they have and can share with their loved one. The existence of an individual is not about wasting time by being out and completing unnecessary jobs, it’s about spending time doing what one loves to do. Wilbur is convincing his wife to not go about on her “womanly” daily activities; he wants her to stay and to take advantage of the few valuable moments life offers for them to be together. Throughout “A Late Aubade”, Wilbur stresses by applying descriptive language that in life, one must not waste any precious time and should rather focus on what they are passionate about.
Richard Wilbur was born in New York City on March 1rst in 1921. He contained a strong literary background as he had come from a family of several journalists. Wilbur's father was a painter and as he recorded experiences of life through his paintings, Wilbur became inspired to do this through poetry. As he came from a Christian religious background, this was a great influence to him as he alludes to many Christian references throughout his works. He and his middle class family had moved to North Caldwell,…
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