Apprenticeship System

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Discuss the impact that technological development in general had on the apprenticeship system from its original form till today. In your deliberations also refer to the apprenticeship system in Namibia. Also explain the advantages and disadvantages of the Apprenticeship system. In the introduction define the term “apprenticeship system”.
In your argumentation answer the question above and also deliberate the question whether the replacement of the apprenticeship system with a trainee system can solve the vocational education and training problems of Namibia.
Conclude your question with a summary of the content.
1. Introduction
This assignment serves to discuss about the
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Many years ago, the manufacturing of shoes, household utensils, boats, crafts, hunting tools, furniture, clothes, house decorations and bread baking were all produced in families and clans by specialised in doing so. As the need for such homemade items grew for commercial purposes, clan and family members with such skills formed organisations herewith known as guilds with responsibilities of protecting and guarding the exploitation of such skills and to avoid impostors from cheating the consumers and discrediting the master craftsmen. With time the guilds grew more and more powerful, they became the only authority to certify craftsman to practice the trades. Within the protection and guarding of the apprenticeship, the guilds started to set up rules and conditions of the apprenticeship, such as, suitable working conditions for the apprentice, set of wages for an apprentice who has just completed the apprenticeship and the standard of work (A. Du Preez 2012: 13). Unlike in the beginning of time, contracts were now drafted for both the master craftsman and the apprentice to sign before entering into an apprenticeship. Further readings would state that the contractual agreements signed by the two parties had with them rules and conditions for both parties to undertake. Such rules were:
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