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A. Background
Nowadays, English becomes an international language which is used in many aspects of life, whether in daily life or in professional work. Many people now aware of the important of English and begin to join an English course. In spite of General English that teaches English as a whole, there is also English for Specific Purposes (ESP) that teaches English only in a restricted area of the target situation. ESP is described as the teaching of English used in academic studies or the teaching of English for vocational or professional purposes.
However, to make the learning of ESP successful, teacher should make a course design that suitable with the learners’ need and goal. In choosing the best course
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Based on its systematic model, it engenders false belief that learning is systematic - that the systematic analysis and presentation of language data will produce systematic learning.
The fact that knowledge has been systematically analyzed and systematically presented doesn’t in any way imply that it will be systematically learnt. Learners have to make the system meaningful to themselves.
It gives no acknowledgment to factors which must inevitably play a part in the creation of any course.
Data which is produced by need analysis is not important before it is interpreted. And in interpreting, we make use of all sorts of knowledge that are not revealed in the analysis. In language-centred approach, the analytical model is also being used inappropriately as a predictive model - an analysis of what happens in a particular situation is being used to determine the content of pedagogic syllabuses and materials. But there are other factors that will influence these activities. For example, one of the primary principles of good pedagogic materials is that they should be interesting. Thus, if the materials are based on the language-centred model, either there are other factors being used, which are not acknowledge in the model, or, these learning factors are not considered to be important.
Its analysis of target situation data is only at the surface level.
It reveals very little about the competence that underlies the
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