Approach to Persuasion Essay example

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Embracing an individual’s point of view by means of reasoning, argument or entreaty is an act of persuasion. An individual is regularly confronted by persuasion throughout their everyday life. It takes place in various situations that are categorized in three sections, the appeal to emotion, the appeal to reason, and the appeal to one’s character. Furthermore, this leads to an influential aspect. It is from one’s characteristic to be influenced by persuasion, thus, to be overlooked by outside sources. This is not only found as a human speaks, but persuasion is the aim of advertisements, and political candidates who are trying to sway voters to vote for them. Since Ancient times, persuasive techniques have been observed and studied but due…show more content…
Persuasion appears various forms. In life, the world often offers and persuades negative and positive examples using ethos, pathos and logo. Many advertisements advertise harmful and others advertise substances and people tend to respond variously towards persuasion. Some believe they are immune to persuasion, yet persuasion can be subtle. How an individual responds to persuasion can depend on a variety of factors. The main factor implies on the audience themselves. In order to persuade, one must analyze the audience. The audience may appear differently; there are supportive audiences whom begin with support, there are uncommitted audiences whom are neutral, there are also indifferent audiences whom need the persuader to grab their attention, and there is also the opposed audience. The opposed audience are the hardest to convince; they are against the persuader from the start. The same techniques of Pathos, Ethos, and Logos apply, but with the use of different extents.
Motivation is a necessary method for persuasion. Motivation acts as an incentive for the audience to act or behave in a certain way. This method causes an individual to act the way they act, and do the things they do, moreover, refuse doing the things they do not want to. Motivation acts as a guide in an individual’s life. In many scenarios, one’s motivation is fear. The fear may be of losing a need, or desire, thus, resulting with an outcome or reward that does not
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