Approaches Of Cost Out Nursing Services And Acuity Classification System Proposed By Murray

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Interventions Two approaches of cost out nursing services and acuity classification system proposed by Murray (2014) were presumed to be the most applicable after looking at many possible interventions. Nurse managers who focused on the individual needs and strive to meet those needs are more likely to retain their staff. A transactional leadership approach will work best under such circumstances because he or she can survey the nurses’ needs for a higher pay then set goals for them based on the expected performance (Huber, 2014). With appropriate protocols provided, nurses can demonstrate fiscal responsibility to help reduce costs such as using sterile packages efficiently.
To articulate a definite need for change, Rogers (2003)
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The manager is must strive to involve all the nurses on the unit in any decision-making process and shares responsibility with the team. However, the nurse manager should be cautious when using this management style because motivating participation among the nurses will be a relentless challenge (Huber, 2014). Additionally, the nurse managers and staff should consider the differences among the four different generational groups in the workplace (Workman, 2014). Each generation has its preference and perspective that must be taken into consideration during planning and decision-making processes.
Nurses are obligated to document for each patient her length of stay, hours of care provided, and all of the interventions mentioned above. Next, the nurse manager can add up how much time and direct care costs needed to provide for each occurrence of nursing services. This data of assigned activities will then be transferred to cost centers to determine how much work a nurse had provided per patient to accurately manage nursing services (Murray, 2014). After receiving the determined cost back from cost centers, the nurse manager can then provide reliable information to HR and administration to prove that nurses on this unit had provided optimal care to the patients with the expected performance. The goal is obtain both the HR and administration agreement on increasing the nurses’ salary from 3.2% to 3.8% annually depending on

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