Approaches to Care for Hypertensive African Americans

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Approaches to care for hypertensive African Americans Introduction Hypertension, defined as blood pressure readings higher than 140/90 mmHg taken on three different occasions, is one of the chronic diseases that poses major health problems to countless Americans and a major issue to almost every racial group living in the United States of America. In the simplest of words, hypertension forces the heart to pump blood harder throughout the body through blood arteries and veins. Such pumping can result in problems with the proper functioning of the heart. Hypertension does not only affect the heart. Many organs throughout the human body can get damaged due to the high pressured blood pumping towards them by the heart. Hypertension can cause the kidneys to dysfunction and also result in aneurysm. Apart from heart problems such as strokes and heart attacks, hypertension can result in the speedy aging of the human brain at a young age, which eventually results in neurotic problems as age increases. Hypertension is predominantly a major problem for African Americans whose occurrence percentages are amongst the highest in the world (Heckler, Lambert, Leventhal, Leventhal, Jahn, & Contrada, 2008). Even though there have been meaningful progress in treatment of hypertension, the number of patients with well managed high blood pressure condition remain worryingly low, with the latest trends suggesting a high rise in the number of uncontrolled high blood pressure cases. This is
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