Approaches to Crime Prevention Essay

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The Dominant Approaches Used


Crime Prevention

Jamal Sanchez Bush

Crime Prevention


June 21, 2011


Crime prevention has influenced by so many fields like sociology, psychology, criminology, urban planning and design, health care, education, community development, economics & social work, among the others. This paper focuses on the dominant approaches to crime prevention which is currently used by law enforcement, courts, and corrections. The dominant approaches to crime prevention are situational, social development, community crime prevention, and community policing.

Dominant approaches to crime prevention

Situational – The interventions designed for reducing the opportunity for the
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Developmental Prevention

Developmental prevention is new frontier of the crime prevention efforts. May be because kids are much sympathetic recipients of the government attention & funds than are the teenage delinquent & adult criminal, spending, scale of the social programs & research on the kid development exceeds those for the situational or the community prevention (Crime Prevention through Social Development). The interventions aimed at improving life chances of kids at the risk warrant support for the reasons wholly independent of the crime prevention but even to concern the crime prevention emerging findings are promising.

Community Police Approach

This approach is based on police community reciprocity; police & public cooperate for preventing & for solving the crimes. The vital premise of this approach is that the police must fight with crime locally rather than the follow dictates from the Washington. The Community policing mostly features the de-centralization of the command via sub-stations for increasing the police citizen interaction. This also involves the foot patrol so the police may walk & talk with the citizens. The New York City & the other metropolitan areas incorporate into the community policing the zero tolerance attitudes toward the minor crimes & disorder for enhancing the feelings of community

The most effective
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