Approaches to Decision Making

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Approaches to Decision Making Paper Satara McDade HCA/250 7/26/12 Catherine Doughty Introduction Managers not only have to supervise as well they have to make smart decisions when it comes to problems or issues in general in order to keep his or her department running smoothly. There are many different decision making approaches, but in this particular assignment only two will be discussed and they are rational and bounded rationality. When making decisions that will affect others, it is important to use the right approach as well as come to a decision that will take care of the problem or solve the issue. This paper will also discuss how a group of nursing home administrators and an infection control officer has come…show more content…
This process is important because these decisions are able to be accepted because it is a better likelihood that they can be implemented to help with the issue. This decision making approach is better made by a group than by an individual because no one has had experience with this type of situation before and have not definite answer as to how to eliminate the situation completely without it happening again. They all are being realistic about the fact that infection is going to always be an issue, but it should not get out of hand and be kept low as possible. The advantages of group decision-making are that everyone’s opinion counts and are agreed upon as well as there are more alternative brought to the table as oppose to just one. Some disadvantages of group decision making are that they are time-consuming because everyone in the group has to get together away from their actual duties to come up with solutions. Group decision making also can be difficult if everyone cannot agree and come to a solution in order to handle the problem. Conclusion In conclusion, the decision making process is very important and depending on whether it is a group or an individual that has to make a decision, it has to be done appropriately. Using rational and bounded rationality will keep everyone’s ideas and opinions on the table as well as the decisions can be changed or amended depending on whether or not the problem was solved or reduced.
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