Approaches to Health

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These topics will assist in the understanding of how different people and different cultures react to ill health.
In modern society there is a general consensus that ‘good health’ is something that everyone wants to experience and that each individual knows what this involves. Because there are so many different definitions of health and ill health it can become a very complicated concept. Walsh (2011) states that “In sociological terms ‘health’ and ‘illness’ are contested concepts. This means that the general meaning of these words should not be taken for granted.
Negative Definition of Health
The negative model is based on the idea that health is the opposite of disease. The definition believes that disease is a biological state where the individual is afflicted by a physical condition or illness (Walsh, 2011: 325). It views the body as a machine that may malfunction at times, because for some reason or another, its parts have stopped working. The damage to these machine parts is the disease. It a health care professional’s role to identify these fault and repair them. This is based on medical intervention via drugs or surgery. This can be a very negative outlook on health because some conditions could be caused by social factors, so a physical approach to…
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