Approaches to Moral Reasoning

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Chitty: Professional Nursing: Concepts and Challenges, 6th Edition Chapter 1: Nursing Today Test Bank MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which of the following could eventually change the historic status of nursing as a female-dominated profession? a. More men graduating from baccalaureate and higher degree programs b. The portion of men in nursing continuing to increase c. More male graduates of basic nursing programs entering the workplace d. Salary compensation increasing to attract more men ANS: C Feedback A “More men graduating from baccalaureate and higher degree programs” is not the best answer because associate degree programs produce the most new graduates. B The percentage of men in nursing has stabilized. C The more…show more content…
c. High-tech care such as maintenance of ventilators and TPN cannot be handled in the home environment. d. Assessment skills are less important in CHN because patients are not acutely ill. ANS: A Feedback A The community health nurse provides educational programs in health maintenance, disease prevention, nutrition, and child care. B Care is moving into the home setting. C Home care is increasing in complexity. D Community health nurses must have excellent assessment skills as they do not have the immediate backup that an acute care facility offers. DIF: Cognitive Level: Comprehension REF: Page 9 - 10 8. Which of the following is most essential for the nurse entrepreneur to be successful? a. Ability to take direction well b. Excellent time-management skills c. Avoidance of risks d. A college degree in business ANS: B Feedback A Nurse entrepreneurs must function autonomously. B Nurse entrepreneurs must be well organized and efficient. C Starting a business involves risk. D A degree in business is not required to be a nurse entrepreneur. DIF: Cognitive Level: Comprehension REF: Page 11 9. The major benefit of serving as a military nurse is a. Broader responsibilities and scope of practice than civilian nurses b. Working with entirely baccalaureate-prepared peers on active duty c. Serving as an officer on active duty or in the reserves d. The
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