Approaches to Studying Leadership

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Therefore the study of leadership has produced a wide range of perspectives and theories. Despite the long period of study, there still remains no consensus on the definition of leadership, little agreement on what a good leader is made of and little agreement on the extent to which leadership can be learned and if that is the case how best it can be developed.
One of the major approaches to leadership is the trait theory approach. This theory is based on the attempt of identification of specific personal traits which explain why certain people are successful in any leadership position given to them while others do not have the ability.
This approach is based on the assumption that there are people who are born with leadership ability. They are considered to be natural leaders with attributes such as skills, values, personality and motives. Research using approach involves the examination of leaders that have various attributes as well as personal traits. This is based on the characteristics of the leader weather successful or unsuccessful. Successful leaders have abilities and traits that differ from leaders that are less effective. These traits are such as personality, social background, their physical characteristics, high intelligence, achievement oriented, ability to…
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