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I have learned various types of counseling models that would be beneficial for the clientele I would like to work with in my profession. I would like to incorporate person centered approach and psychoanalytic approach in my profession because I have the characteristics required of a person centered therapist and I find the psychoanalytic approach interesting for clients. I want to work with a diverse population of clients with issues from anxiety to paranoid schizophrenia. The person centered approach the client is guided through their problems where he/she will begin to notice the changes that need to occur in their lives. On the other hand, psychoanalytic approach, the therapist must engage in to help the client solve their issues at…show more content…
Human nature is what founders regard as hypothesis of their perspective approaches. The human nature view of the psychoanalytic theory by Freud states(as cited by Corey,2009a), ‘ our behavior is determined by irrational forces, unconscious motivations, and biological and instinctual drives as these evolve through key psychosexual stages in the first six years of life’ ( p. 61). While growing up, I was taught genes are what puts together a person therefore a person thinking pattern, stages of life, and motivations may not be developed entirely on the individual but a trait. However, everyone does not feel, think, and behave like the next person. Becoming knowledgeable of how a person develops not only mentally but physically, emotionally, and even spiritually can be the key to treat a client effectively with the psychoanalytic approach. Corey (2009a) discusses the human nature aspect of person centered theory, stating ‘Rodgers believed people are trustworthy, resourceful, capable of self understanding and self-direction, able to make constructive changes, able to live effective and productive lives, therefore they will be able to manage their own problems in due time through treatment’(p.169). Corey (2009a) elaborates on the human nature of psychoanalytic theory stating Freud felt people’s behavior was influenced by
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