Appropraite Nutrition Care Plan for Referred Patients

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Devise appropriate nutrition care plan for referred patients/residents including prescription of oral nutritional supplements and liaising with members of the MDT as appropriate Identify and implement training and education for nursing, medical, other clinical staff and household staff relating to the nutritional care of patients/residents and provision therapeutic and texture modified diets . Work in partnership with nursing staff to identify and implement programmes for screening, identification and monitoring patients/residents at nutritional risk SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPIST Conduct communication and/or dysphgia assessment for high risk patient/resident referrals and follow up as appropriate , Assess the patient/resident's ability to comprehend and follow instructions ACITIVITY DEPARTMENT Involve the patient/resident in group or one-to-one activities and/or social programs Recognise and report patient/resident verbalisations and behaviours indicative of discomfort Report patient/resident changes to nursing SOCIAL WORKER Provide support for patient/resident's psychosocial needs Counsel and support families MULTI-DISCIPLINARY TEAM Hold regular MDT meetings to discuss/agree patients/residents and review outcomes Make such referrals as necessary to other health care professionals (e.9. Audiologist, Chiropodist, Optometrist, Pharmacist, Podiatrist...) Conduct post fall reviews following individual falls and action related recommendations/interventions as appropriate

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