Appropriate Cultural Responsiveness

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A major part of the teachers practice that lacked cultural responsiveness was that she did not accommodate for the students lack of comprehension when given instructions. The teacher needed to make the instructions easier for the student to follow or produce a way for them to understand. A more responsive way to help her student would be to write down the instructions on the board in a simpler format for him to follow or to get another student to simplify them for him and then check for clarification. Writing down the instructions would provide a way for the student to check that they are doing the correct thing. The other option of having another student to help him for instruction clarification would provide him with a way to check he is doing the correct thing and would also help to build a working relationship with some other students which could also form friendship.…show more content…
By excluding the student she is reducing the amount of learning that the student is getting, this lesson should have had an adaption for him to be able to participate as well. A better option would be to get him to complete the task about his own country or to work alongside another class member to make it simpler. He may lack the comprehension or knowledge to complete the task, but by having him join in with another student who can help with the comprehension problem or by getting him to do it about his own country, he can be included with the rest of the class. “The specific language skills and knowledge needed to meet the goal of the lesson should be planned ahead of time.” (Finlinson,
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