Appropriate Monitoring Systems

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Appropriate monitoring systems
There are various factors that are likely to affect how appropriate monitoring systems .Evaluation variables and information systems are the main factors to be considered when making a decision on the most appropriate systems (Sepehri, 2011). Reporting systems for monitoring systems should always have sophisticated information systems that will enable them to work properly. This is not only meant for competitive purposes but for performance evaluation. This means that the top management should be able to receive information that is accurate and on a timely manner for sales, production and the financial results. When it comes to international affiliates there is need for reporting systems with information feedback at various levels for personal, production, financial and marketing variables. The information systems should have an adequate MIS so that there can be the maintenance of an efficient coordination of activities as well s results coordination. The information system chosen should make it possible for the ease of comparing performance data across countries even if the variables make the information appear different (Deresky, 2011). The other factor to be considered is evaluation variables. Evaluation variables can make evaluation information from different countries to appear different from each other. This can lead to misjudgment of subsidiary managers as though all data to be evaluated can be compared across the different
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