Appropriate Promotional Strategy

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PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY 4 ________________________________________________________________________ Appropriate Promotional Strategy A product or service promotion strategy entails the style and form communications are made to existing and potential customer and the intermediary channels of distribution (Parmar & Kumar, 2006). Promotion may comprise of but not limited to media communications such as advertisements through radio, billboards, Television, newspapers and magazine. Other promotional exercises may involve discounts, offers/gifts, or intermediaries' contests. The strategies used in promoting a product or service carry one core objective; to make known the product in the market appeal to the existing and potential consumers (Parmar & Kumar, 2006). In this paper, appropriate promotional strategy for Pepsi's Soft drink and Nestle's breakfast Cereals are discussed. Promotional Strategy for Pepsi Soft Drink Soft drink producers have in the recent past faced stiff competition from upcoming substitute products: bottled mineral water, energy drinks, teas, juices and sport drinks. This trend has thrown companies such Pepsi Co. back to the drawing board to regain their grip on the market. Pepsi Co. recently introduced "Pepsi Next" a mid-calorie beverage in their line of products. Success in attracting demand for the product needs a promotional strategy that incorporates consumer needs embracing the global trends in technology and life style. An understanding of the consumer
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