Appropriate Supporter for Political Authority Antigone

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Classical plays such as [Apology] this is not a play. It is a Platonic dialogue. and Antigone are sometimes associated with English or philosophy. However, a closer look reveals two different political stand points against the government or the people. Revealed in the play Antigone, the female character is [exposed as a rebellion] awkward against the government; but in the play Apology, a male philosopher is seen as a martyr for his belief in a true justice system. Although both characters have some political standpoint, Socrates, the philosopher, has more respect for the political authority, since he supports [basic civil rights] there was no notion of rights in ancient Greece and follows the law without putting himself above the legal…show more content…
Crito is the play about the actual character Crito offering Socrates a second opportunity to living; he, however, rejects his proposal for a few reasons which he concluded were just according to the state. Introduce quote “For I am still what I always have been, a man who will listen to no voice but the voice of the reasoning which on consideration I find to be the truest…” (Crito 104) the truest being the laws of Athens. Socrates’ relationship with the political system of Athens is a critical component to his philosophy. The idea that Justice is unified and if just one law was disobeyed [than there would be no govern city] awkward. This is why the idea of escaping would ultimately lead to serious consequences; if this man, who supports the idea of Justice, was to escape from prison then the reality of the city would collapse. According to Socrates, by putting himself above the legal system, he would cause more harm to the city rather than improving it. In order to not contradict himself or the virtues of the Greeks, he accepted his penalty instead of escaping. Moreover, throughout the play Socrates is seen as a criticizing villain, but this is not the case; the philosopher actually praises the laws and only wishes to prove a point to the public. In sum, Socrates believes his conviction was unjustly decreed but does not escape due to the respect he upholds for the laws of Athens. Good points, but elaborate on Socrates’ relationship

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