Appropriation Of African American Culture

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Appropriation is very disrespectful and harmful to the culture being appropriated. In everyday society, African-American culture is being used to be “cool” and “different”. The fact that society values a white person for doing the same things black people having being doing for decades, “everyone wants to be black until it’s time to be black”, and allowing people to remain prejudice and/or ignore the racism the black community deals with, has led me to believe that the appropriation of African-American culture is significant and its effects cannot be ignored or washed away.
Society values white people who have adopted elements of Black culture to be “edgy” or cool,rather than a black person who actually invented and started those customs.
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Another style is Black dances, specifically, twerking. “Twerking” did not originate from Miley Cyrus. As said by Debbie Allen; “Well twerking is nothing but African isolations. It’s an African dance. It’s been given a new name. They’ve been twerking for 500 centuries”. Another reason I believe Black culture appropriation is a problem is the simple fact that “Everyone wants to be black until it’s time to be black.” Those who enjoy and partake in black culture are silent when it comes to their problems and issues. They seem to be able to “switch” back and forth from black with dances and styles, to white when problems arise. In our society, White people don 't have to deal with their people being ruthlessly killed every other day. We have to teach our children how to talk to officers so they come home safe. A tweet by black artist, Azealia Banks said: “It’s funny to see some people like Igloo Australia (Iggy Azalea) silent when things happen (police brutality). Black culture is cool, but black issues sure aren’t , huh?” White celebrities that are in the hip-hop genre and “adopted blackness never spoke about the racism that goes along with blackness.” They wear black hairstyles, partake in black dances, and listen to black artists, but never have to deal with their people being murdered in the streets. Appropriation allows those people who are appropriating to remain prejudice and/or ignore the racism the black community is dealing with. Maisha
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