Appropriation Of Culture And Culture

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Appropriation of culture A culture is where a group of people develop common ideas, common ways of doing things and common interpretation of certain things. Culture has great influence on foreign countries. People often from other countries get attracted to cultural aspects of other countries. Culture has great influence on media, politics and people’s everyday life. I experienced a pop culture moment where a group of white women was wearing a sari, a cloth that is draped around the woman 's body; it is mostly seen in South Asia. I saw how culture could be imported instead of being exported. However, those women didn 't wear the sari correctly, which raised a question in my mind. Do people wear, ethnic cloth because they respect it, or do they mock the culture by not wearing the clothes correctly? This question is about appreciation and appropriation of culture. This topic is very important to me because I was being bullied in middle school because of my cultural clothes and food. Adopting another culture is natural because of interaction between a group of people and it 's also because everyone is so diverse now. However when does appropriation or offending other culture comes up? Appropriation can be viewed positively and negatively. Culture appropriation can be viewed positively if it 's being portrayed correctly and it also can be viewed negatively if it 's being portrayed wrong. We often see cultural appropriation is being discussed in the media such as the sound,
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