“Approximately 114,000 Potential Beneficiaries With At

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“Approximately 114,000 potential beneficiaries with at least an associate’s degree would be immediately eligible for conditional LPR status” (Starbuck, 2015). That’s a big number of people who aren’t currently getting the help and assistance they need to live in the US. “Another 612,000 potential beneficiaries would be immediately eligible for conditional status because they already have a high-school diploma or GED (Starbuck, 2015). These student would ultimately receive somewhat of an incentive to complete two years at a college or to service in the military in order to be permanent residents of the US. I honestly think it’s unfair that they have to do anything to become citizens in the US other than just being a good person who is…show more content…
This is a hot topic in Student Affairs, especially with DACA and the Trump administration coming into play. We discussed how some students are afraid to fill out paperwork because of what could happen from writing their name down on an official document, and I don’t blame them. The research shows the DREAM Act is such an important tool in helping these students advance in life and stop living in fear. I remember in 2012 reading articles stating that Obama basically passed the DREAM Act by himself. I didn’t do any research on it and I deffinetly did not know what the DREAM Act was my freshman year in college. Doing this research paper made me go back and look up those articles. One article (Amira, 2012) talks about a new Homeland Security policy which allows illegal immigrants between the ages of 15 and 30 years old, who came to the US at a young age will no longer have to live in fear of deportation. It’s technically not citizenship, which the DREAM Act would grant, but it is better than nothing. Hermes, 2008 is a study that discusses two things: One being how the DREAM Act will establish a path for legal status and eventually earn legal residency through two years of higher education or military service and the second this is how repealing a provision of federal law

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