Apps Readily Available For Patient Use That Promote Health And Wellness

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Lastly, there are currently “over 15,000” apps readily available for patient use that promote health and wellness (Montgomery, 2014, para 1). The concern exists is that there are no indicators of which apps are reliable and which are not. “In September 2013, the FDA released a statement on the guidance of regulations for mHealth apps. The FDA concluded that the majority of medical apps do not pose a significant health risk to consumers and do not require oversight” (Dicianno, et al., 2015, p. 402). When a patient has health concerns or questions and turns to an app to look up symptoms that they or a loved one is having, they rely on what they read. If the patient has been vomiting and appears to be lethargic, it may indicate a viral …show more content…
The use of mHealth is not just solely used within the United States. Other countries have been able to improve overall patient care as well. In China, “Qualcomm has partnered with Life Care Networks and the Community Health Association of China to make an impact on heart disease” (Montgomery, 2014, para 9). China supports the use of mHealth because it eliminates the patient from having to travel to a physician’s office for a recheck. Patients are able to transmit “30 seconds of cardiac data” to Life Care Networks who will review the data and follow up with the patient if he or she needs to seek immediate medical attention, if not, the data is sent to their physician for further review (Montgomery, 2014, para 11). If the patient requires immediate attention, this data can be transmitted to hospital they will be transported to for review. This is all accomplished through an electrocardiogram handset that retrieves the data and then remotely transmits the patient’s information. Dubai utilized mHealth in a different manner, they supplied “3,000 Android tables” to patients, which would be used to research and retrieve medical data in order to enable them play a bigger role in their own health care (Montgomery, 2014, para 15). According to Montgomery (2014), Dubai aspires: To build an ecosystem of health services, where an app will act as the central go-to point for access to relevant, personalized mobile health records,
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