April 20, 1989. The Date That One Of The Most Powerful

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April 20, 1989. The date that one of the most powerful leaders in the world took his first breath of life. No one would be prepared that this anti-semantic mans’ dreams would consist of the killing and torturing of over six million innocent Jews which will later be known as biggest genocide known to mankind: The Holocaust. The Germans who supported the Nazi regime, believed that the Jews were “inferior” to everyone else. The solution was to wipe out the entire Jew population. “Holocaust” comes from the Greek language meaning, “burned whole”. Which is exactly what Adolf Hitler managed. I believe that the German people who actively supported the Nazi regime were guilty and not the whole German population. My reason for this is because you…show more content…
They could’ve prevented the felony or offense that was taken place at the particular moment. Then again, you have to take into consideration the consequences that would be in store for you if you did intervene. You could be risking your life, or even worse your own family. I have different viewpoints on this specific question, just because it could go both ways. It depends on the situation that you are thrown into, just like the person walking down the street. When someone orders you to do something that you know is wrong, are you going to do it? Or are you going to stand up for what you believe in? I believe that you should be persecuted for any wrongdoings even if you were held against your own will. Our conscious, is our biggest enemy. It tells us what we really should be doing even if we really don’t like the outcome. When the Germans were under the influence of Adolf Hitler, they had the choice like everyone else. Either follow under his notorious reign, or choose the pathway and freedom of the people. Their actions for choosing Hitler, caused them to receive the punishment they deserved for their future. They injured innocent people under his command, which stained their hands. This will haunt them forever. When the Holocaust first started to take flight in 1942, the Germans were trying their very hardest to keep it a secret. They didn’t want anyone to try to stop them from trying to
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