April May Plot

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This is the story of a girl. Her name was April-May. April-May loved to go to parties and dance, but what she really loved to do was spend time with her mother. April-May’s mother was an older woman, seeing that April-May was twenty-three years old. On May twenty-seventh, April-May went to the most fabulous party of her life. She went to the wedding of Prince John and Princess Tricia. You see, Prince John never actually loved Princess Tricia; he was only marrying her because she was the only princess in town. If he did not marry by May twenty-eighth, something terrible could happen. Oddly enough, the prince was nowhere to be found! While everyone was having a great time before Princess Tricia and Prince John said I do, Prince John was locked up by Sir Leo, an evil man who wished to be king! Sir Leo was Prince John’s helper, which he didn’t want to be anymore.…show more content…
While the party was going on, the music was loud. Sir Leo was busy making a grand potion and creating a lot of noise! The potion was going to turn Prince John into a toad! How terrible! By turning Prince John into a toad, by law, Sir Leo would become the king and he could marry Princess Tricia. What Sir Leo didn’t know was that the toad affect had a twist; if the person the prince loved kissed him, he would be a normal person again and marry the person he loved. Poor Prince John thought he had to kiss the princess to turn back into a normal person; of course, that wasn’t true. Sir Leo used his potion on Prince John and it turned him into a toad, which was what Sir Leo wanted. “It worked!” Sir Leo
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