Aptitude Test Chapter Summaries

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The story begins on the day of the Aptitude test, a specific test that helps members of a futuristic society, choose a faction out of the five faction Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the kind and peaceful), Dauntless (the brave and fearless), Erudite (the intelligent), and Candor (the honest). Sixteen year old Beatrice Prior is warned not to inform anyone about her test result not even her family, because she is divergent. On the day of the choosing ceremony, the day all sixteen year olds decide their future, Beatrice’s thought are drowned in confusion. She can’t decide which faction to choose, since the Aptitude test didn’t help her, but she finally chooses the Dauntless. To get to the Dauntless compound the initiates have to have to jump off a roof and into an underground tunnel. Beatrice decides to change her name to Tris after she jumps off the roof as the first initiate to jump. The transfer initiates are given a tour of the compound, once they reach the dormitories, one of the Dauntless leaders, Eric, tells them only ten of the initiates will become members at the end of initiation, the rest will become factionless. This is when Tris realizes that as the…show more content…
As the first stage of initiation comes to an end, tension between the initiates starts to rise. In the second stage of initiation, the initiates are put under a simulation, where they have to face one of their worst fears. As Tris comes out of her second simulation, Four tells her that he knows she is divergent and that he will eradicate all of the proof, but she has to endeavor to hide it during the simulations. Tris gets terrified and goes to her aptitude test administrator to find out about divergence. When Tris gets ranked first for second stage, she sees Peter’s anger and frustration about not being in first place, and realizes that she is in
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