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Raiyat Binzaman September 8, 2012 APUSH Mr. Symons Outline: Chapter 1 - The Meeting of Cultures I. America Before Columbus * At first, early settlers of America formed small nomadic groups, hunting and fishing to obtain food. * Gradually, stable civilizations were formed, many of substantial sizes and variety. II. The Civilizations of the South * The greatest of these civilizations were in South America and in Mexico * These civilizations developed complex political systems and large networks of paved roads that unified the civilization Incas in Peru. * The Mayas created a written language, a numerical system, an accurate calendar, and an advanced agricultural…show more content…
* When he got to Cuba, he assumed it was China and went back to Spain to tell of his success - a year later, he went back with a larger expedition, discovering more islands and formed a small but short - lived colony on the island Hispaniola. * In 1498, he discovered the mainland and went down the coast of South America. * He believed he had explored at least part of the Far East. * Despite his accomplishments, he was relatively unknown at his death. * Columbus was a very religious man and believed his voyages were part of his destiny in fulfilling a divine mission – many subsequent explorations were based on religious values. * Spain began to devote greater resources and energy to exploration of Columbus. * Vasco de Balboa went across the Isthmus of Panama in 1513 and saw across the Pacific. * Ferdinand Magellan, working for Spain, found the strait that is named after him and the Southern end of South America - named the Pacific Ocean - died in the Philippines after a conflict with the natives - expedition first to go around the entire globe. VIII. The Conquistadores * At this time, Spain thought as America as not only a barrier but a source of wealth. * Claimed for themselves the New World, except for Brazil. * In 1518, Hernando Cortes led a

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