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Chapter 4 Growth and Crisis in Colonial Society 1720-1765 Freehold Society in New England Puritans created a yeomen society of independent farm families who owned their land as freeholders- without feudal dues or leases by 1750, rapidly increasing population outstripped the supply of easily farmed land, challenging the freehold ideal.
A. Farm Families: Women's Place Men were head of the household no time for anything. They did many labors by 1750, family sizes decreased due to shrink in farm sizes had some more time but still under cultural and law restrictions under men
B. Farm Property: Inheritance male colonists escaped Europe and got land parents with small farms had to put children up as
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Were pacifists bought land and negotiate treaties with Indians. No major wars until 1750s condemned slavery attracted German settlers fleeing from war, religious persecution, and poverty German settlements dominated certain districts and moved down to western parts of Maryland, Virginia, and Carolinas. Maintained their German identity. Married within group eg. women worked on the lands not many politically involved. Only acted to protect their churches and cultural practices eg. married women's rights to hold property and write wills Presbyterian Scots from Ireland formed largest group of migrants faced discrimination, taxes, regulations Irish Test Act of 1704 restricted them from holding public office migrated and retained their identity
C. Religious Identity and Political Conflict 1750s, Scots-Irish Presbyterians challenged pacifism of Quakers wanted more aggressive Indian policy German migrants also opposed cause they demanded respect for inheritance customs Scots-Irish Presbyterians, German Baptists, and German Lutherans against Quakers Quaker's cultural and religious diversity caused conflict The Enlightenment and the Great Awakening 1740-1765 Enlightenment- human reason to understand world Pietism- personal relation to God
A. The Enlightenment in America John Locke- natural rights of life,
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