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The meeting of cultures • North America first discovered when nomads crossed the Bering Strait(into alaska) • Migrations began 14000-16000 years ago, possibly earlier • Resulted from tools, spears, hunting supplies that made it easier to hunt large animals, that crossed between the two continents, drawing people into unsettled territories • Mongolian descent (present day Siberia) • Southern Tip of South America discovered around 8000 BC • By 1500 (Europeans coming), there were more people in the Americas than in Europe America Before Columbus • Global Warming that ended the Ice Age created distinct regions in the USA that exist today. Ended nomadic behavior, created settlement. • adaptation to surroundings created distinct civilizations,…show more content…
ltural revolution o More Sedentary o developing new sources of food, clothing, and shelter o Significant Population growth o Development of Social customs and rituals only stationary societies could produce o Religion was important to Natives o Worshiped many gods associated with various items(crops, game, forests, rivers and other elements of nature) o Totem poles o Jobs divided according to sex o Women cared for children, prepared meals, and gathered certain foods (Some tended fields) o Other task distributions varied from tribe to tribe o Men tended the fields or hunted o Women and children often left alone hunt or battles and controlled social and economic organization of the settlements and played powerful family roles Europe looks Westward o Leif Ericson (Newfoundland)(Norwegian)(one of a few to glimpse) o Europe unaware of America’s Existance before 15th Century o Provincial Outlook o Commerce was limited in medieval times o Few merchants looked beyond own region o Roman Catholic Church held spiritual authority o No single person held power, no major leaders o As Conditions changed, interest in overseas exploration changed Commerce and Nationalism o Rise in population during the 15th Century o Rebound after bubonic plague(killed a third of Europe) that began 1347 in Constantinople o Rise in Land values, more commerce, more prosperity o Interest in purchasing goods from distant regions o Advances in Navigation and Ship Building o Interest in developing new

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