Apush Chapter 3 Notes

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THE SHAPE OF EARLY AMERICA A. Early American Settlers • Came from the British Isles • Puritans who settled in Massachusetts • Wealthy Royalist cavaliers and their indentured servants migrated to Virginia • Quakers migrated to the Delaware Valley colonies of West Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware B. British folkways brought to the New World • People in the South prefer fried foods- same as southern and western England • People in the hollows of Appalachia who manufactured “moonshine” are doing the same as their ancestors did in the borderlands of northern Britain C. Seaboard ecology 1. Indian modifications o Indians burned forests and dense undergrowth in order to provide cropland o “Slash-and-burn” describes the migratory…show more content…
The Gentry o Means “well-bred” people o Mansions along the rivers in South Carolina and Virginia o Charleston became the center of political life and high fashion where aristocrats could patronize the taverns, silversmiths, cabinetmakers, milliners, and tailors. 7. Religion a) Anglican dominance of the Chesapeake region o Virginia governor William Berkeley decided that the colony was to be Anglican. Puritans and Quakers were chased out of the colony o Anglicanism proved to be more popular among the wealthy land holders o Became established church throughout the South o Anglicans around the Chesapeake became well known for their gaming (fox hunting, drunkenness, and gambling) o b) Anglican religious style different from elsewhere in the colonies o Absence of Bishops and scattered population prevented the church to have centralized control over the colonies o Equally independent as the Puritans of New England o Fewer than 1 in 15 residents were church members in the southern colonies o Tended to be more conservative, formal, and rational in their forms of worship than the Puritans, Quakers, or Baptists o Stress collective rituals over personal religious experience B. The New England colonies 1. Transformation of the British village into the New England town o Land policy in New England had a stronger

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