Apush Chapter 5 Guided Reading Essay

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Conquest by the Cradle
Know: Thirteen Original Colonies
1. What was the significance of the tremendous growth of population in Britain's North American colonies?
Britain had an advantage over America with their population in 1700. If Americans wanted to revolt, Britain would outnumber them 25 to 1. However, in 1775, with the population increase (and continuing to increase), Britain’s advantage was weakening. There were now only 3 Europeans for each American. This essentially meant that Britain was losing power over America. More Americans = more American power.

A Mingling of Races
Know: Pennsylvania Dutch, Scots-Irish, Paxton Boys, Regulator Movement
2. What was
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What was important about the difference?
This religion was EMOTIONAL. They preached with fervor, with intensity, and it was a big change from the old, monotonous drones of preaching in tradition religion. It was important because it sparked a change in people, got them going again. They were losing their religion, and the Great Awakening was the jump-start they needed.

Schools and Colleges
Know: Latin and Greek
10. What kind of education could a young person expect in colonial times?
Learning theology and “dead languages”.

A Provincial Culture
Know: John Trumbull, Charles Wilson Peale, Benjamin West, John Singleton Copley, Benjamin Franklin
11. Did Americans distinguish themselves in the arts during the colonial period? Explain.
Not really – they were still heavily influenced by Britain in this area. Most had to go to England to fulfill their artsy ambitions, and architecture was simply upgraded to fit the New World’s conditions (however, it still followed the Old World’s structure and idea of design).

Pioneer Presses
Know: John Peter Zenger
12. Why was the jury verdict in the Zenger case important?
Because they said he was not guilty. This made way for freedom of press, and the fact that the jury verdict won made way for an upcoming democracy.

The Great Game of Politics
Know: Royal Colonies, Proprietary Colonies, Self-governing Colonies, Colonial Assemblies, Power of

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