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The constant debate over whether America was going to be free or slave led to the inevitability of a civil war. The political tension within the nation surrounding the issue of slavery was ongoing even after a series of compromises. The country was either going to be free or slave and it was evident that the only way to decide this was through a civil war. Through several cases and debates between the views of the North and South, an agreement was still unable to be obtained. The divisions within the nation were growing and no compromise was powerful enough to hold the nation together. Depending upon where you lived, your view on the idea of slavery and preservation of the union varied. Although many people had different outlooks…show more content…
Scott was an African American slave who sued unsuccessfully for his freedom, because he believed that he should be free based on the territory he was living in. Congress examined this case and came to the conclusion that since Scott was not a citizen of the United States, he did not have the authority to sue the federal court. This case caused great tension within the nation because congress’ decision not only made it seem like they were accepting slavery but it contradicted original compromises such as the Missouri Compromise. The ruling of the Missouri compromise being unconstitutional was an extreme upset to the northerners, because this made way for a greater opportunity of slavery within the nation. The growing tensions between the north and south were increasing with every decision made involving the issue of slavery. “A fire bell in the night.” From the beginning Jefferson saw the Missouri Compromise as a major threat to the union and federal government. In Document D Jefferson expresses his view on how the Missouri compromise only heated the argument in the debate of slavery and territory within the nation. By the government involving themselves in slavery and territorial affairs, they permanently agreed to have some sort of involvement with issues concerning slavery for the rest of time. The compromise prohibited slavery in the former Louisiana territory north of the line 36 30 norths except for Missouri. This agreement was unconstitutional yet it

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