Apush Notes: Articles Of Confederation Era

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Leland Pinkham Period Apush Articles of confederation era: * Each state functioned as its own little country * No national currency, many state currencies * Paper money issued as a promise for hard specie such as gold and silver * High inflation * Newburgh conspiracy 1783: plan by unpaid continental army officers to force congress to assume powers of taxation over states * Northwest territory: * Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan area given to congress * Was the national governments only source of income * Land ordinance of 1785: * townships six miles square to be auctioned off (land speculation) * 16th acre reserved for public schools *…show more content…
Original 20 year charter i. Currently known as the Federal Reserve j. Madison and Jefferson totally oppose because a national bank was not in the powers of the national government in the constitution. k. Hamilton said the bank was covered under Article 1 section 18:Necessary and proper/ elastic clause * 1793 Jefferson resigns because he was fed up with George Washington’s favoritism of Hamilton. Later founds the Jeffersonian democrat-republicans. * XYZ affair: * 3 Americans sent to France to negotiate regarding harassment o American ships * France wanted a lager bribe (around $250000) just to talk to Charles Talleyrand * Neutrality proclamation of 1793: America will remain neutral regarding the feud between France and England * Both countries harassed our shipping * Britain impresses sailors into the British navy * War of 1812 * War hawks upset with impressments and harassed trading * Tariffs on U.S. * Results * African Americans had a sense of pride form fighting in the war * New sense of nationalism * Andrew Jacksons a war hero (even though his victory was technically after the war was over) * Indians * Cherokee adopted s written constitution * Offense punishable by death anyone who transferred land to white ownership without the consent of tribal authorities * Tecumseh tries to unite the Indians creates a pan

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