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Sectionalism: 1820-1850 Into what three regions was the US divided into during this time period? • North: Consisted of two main pieces o The Northeast: New England and Mid-Atlantic states o The Old Northwest: Ohio to Minnesota • South: States that permitted slavery • West: West of the Mississippi, eventually stretching to California What do you need to know about the industrial northeast? • Good transportation • Plentiful manufacturing labor from immigration • Economy based on commercial agriculture and manufacturing • Highest population of the three regions • Urban population o Grew from 5% of the population in 1800 to 15% of the economy in 1850 o…show more content…
tion o Faster and cheaper transportation o Famine and revolution in Europe o Growing reputation of the US as a land of economic opportunity • Immigration from Europe increased: 8,000 in 1820 to 428,000 in 1854 • Many stayed in Northeast port cities • Others moved to the Old Northwest • Irish immigrants o Over 2 million by 1880 o Most were tenant farmers driven of land by the potato famine in the 1840s o Faced discrimination in the US for being Catholic o Came to US cities in search of manufacturing jobs o Tended to form Irish communities in cities were they landed (Boston, Philly, NY) o Irish immigrants organized themselves to control local Democratic party organizations o By the 1850’s the Irish controlled Tammy Hall, NY City’s Democratic Party organization • Germans o Over 1 million by 1850 o Tended to come over with more money than Irish immigrants o Moved westward upon arrival in search of cheap, fertile land o Established prosperous settlements in the Old Northwest • Nativists o Many “native-born” Americans disliked large number of immigrants ▪ Competition for jobs ▪ Fear of weakening American culture o Tended to be protestants who disliked Catholic immigration o The Supreme Order of the Star Spangled Banner: secret anti-foreign organization
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