Apush Supplemental Reading Notes- Early Settlements by James Horn

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Early Settlements

by James Horn

|Please answer each question thoroughly and completely. If you have treated this assignment lightly, you will |
|be at a disadvantage in writing essays that call for “substantial and appropriate outside information.” Read Early Settlements |
|(http://www.gilderlehrman.org/history-by-era/early-settlements/essays/early-settlements ) by James Horn and complete the prompts below. |

|In two or three well thought out sentences, summarize the major point of this reading. (Please be thorough. This will be very important to|
|you late in the year when reviewing for the AP test)
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This style of writing is clearly significant in the document simply because it is an easy way to limit bias, and shorten the |
|article, therefore making it more reader-friendly for some- if not most readers. |

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|Different from the “what is the main point” question above, list several things that you learned from this reading, things that you did |
|not know before doing this reading. |
|Treaty of Utrecht (1713) gave Britain control of the areas of Hudson Bay, Acadia (Nova Scotia), and Newfoundland |
|Spanish were involved in the French and Indian War |
|The British 13 colonies grew in population (nearly 5 times size) over 60 years |
|Surges into the backcountry (west of Appalachian) began so early (early 18th mainly) |
|Black populations grew even more rapidly from about 20,000 in 1700 to 326,000 by 1760 |
|Rice became the third great staple of Britain’s

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