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Populists: Grew from the Farmer’s Alliance Free and unlimited coinage of silver and gold at 16:1 ratio Increased circulating medium (no less that $50 per capita) Graduated income tax It was big in the 1890s (major electoral victories) Several members of the House of Representatives and the election of 1 U.S. senator Against monopolies More Democratic government (more control to people) Wanted more direct government action to help the working class Government ownership of railroads, telegraph, and telephone Government subsidies to assist in stabilizing agricultural prices 8 hour work day Direct election of U.S. senators Increased voter power with the use of initiative referendum and recall “people’s party” 1892 candidate…show more content…
Ferguson: 1896, gave the south permission to discriminate on the basis of color in public places It happened because a ⅞ white man refused to give up his seat on an all white railroad car “Separate but equal” facilities were constitutional under the “equal protection” clause of the 14th amendment It upheld the Jim Crow laws Cross of Gold Speech: Given by Democrat William Jennings Bryan Bryan was nominated the day after he gave this speech (1996) Pro silver Unlimited coinage

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