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How did the Persian conquest set the stage for the emergence of the Maurya empire?
The Persian Conquest left Asia without a ruler, this allowed Chandragupta Maurya to exploit the opportunity and lay down the foundation for the Maurya Empire.


What were five major accomplishments of the emperor Ashoka?
The five major accomplishments of the emperor Ashoka were to conquer Kalinga and bring it under Mauryan control, communicated his policies throughout his realm by inscribing edicts in natural stone formations or pillars he ordered to be erected, established his capital at the fortified city of Pataliputra, created a central treasury to oversee the efficient collection of taxes, and he converted to Buddhism.

How did the
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Its long term impact is that it influenced many beliefs in China up until the nineteenth century.
What was the popular appeal of Buddhism? How does it compare and contrast to Hinduism?
The appeals of Buddhism are that there is less dependence on Brahmins for ritual services, there was no caste or jati, and it did not demand the rigorous asceticism of Jainism. Buddhism is different from Hinduism because Buddhists use vernacular tongues instead of Sanskrit. It is similar to Hinduism because they both believe in reincarnation, originated in india, made people live according to a certain way (dharma/eightfold path) and they both have the idea of heaven or a spiritual union (nirvana and moksha).

How did early Buddhism evolve into Mahayana Buddhism? How did that help spread the religion?
Buddhism evolved into Mahayana Buddhism because innovations opened the road to salvation for large numbers of people. This helped it because education institutes preferred it to the other form of the religion, thus spreading it efficiently.

How did Hinduism evolve in India during this period?

Three epics of Hinduism, the Mahabharta, Ramayana, and the Bhagavad Gita reinforced the caste system by emphasizing active life and adherence to caste over the ascetic life. This message opened Hinduism to common people who are used to the caste system and allowed Hinduism to overtake Buddhism.

Why did Buddhism eventually lose popularity in

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