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Aqualisa had launched the Quartz shower, significant product innovation in the UK shower market in terms of water pressure, ease of installation, use, and design. But this new product is not selling well enough. I will make some analysis in order to understand the situation and make some recommendation for Harry Rawlinson on marketing strategy and ways to generate sales for the Quartz products. 1. What is the Aqualisa Quartz value proposition to plumbers, to consumers? Quartz offers a technological change to enhanced value to consumers and plumbers. Aqualisa has been customer-focused, making efforts to understand what consumers want and upgrade its product accordingly. Aqualisa Quartz value proposition to plumbers is…show more content…
Also Aqualisa didn’t have an extensive advertising campaign and seems to believe that its new product will sell itself. They had a one-tine-only print advertising campaign in The Mail on Sunday magazine and spent only about 19 % of its budget expenses on marketing (2,724,000/14,469,000). I believe they can increase marketing expenses for new product to at least 25%-30 % and spend 4,000,000 euro. This will affect its profit a little but will help to build product awareness and customers’ education which is important on the product introduction stage. Thus, Aqualisha developed product with package of benefits that customers’ want but failed properly introduce its new shower to the customers by providing presale education and post sale customer service. As we learn from the marketing management course, introduction is the challenging stage, especially for this case because plumbers have had a previous bad experience with innovative products. So it is critical to effectively communicate value to the plumbers as well as provide plumbers with warranty that allows them to claim reimbursement from the company if the product fails. This will help to build trust and support. Best way to communicate value to the customers is to advertise the product in the trade press, lifestyle magazines by emphasizing the benefits of new shower such as easy and quick

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